Lexus Truck Makes Eyes Bleed


You know how companies share a lot of the same components and simply change the front fascia of a vehicle and some badges. Take for instance the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon and how they are (for the most part) rebranded trucks with some aesthetic changes. Like a Milf getting a facelift , you know she’s got some mileage between them thighs and although her face is a little more stretched, she’s not fooling anyone.

Well for this god awful rendering of this blasphemous beast, it looks like the Tacoma went full on “botox queen”. As Lexus has started an initiative to make all their vehicles look like $H!T, they obviously didn’t learn from Acura in the years past and what it did to their sales figures. But for some reason, people think that Lexus would make a high-end truck for the American market. First off they wouldn’t use the Tacoma for this, it would be the Tundra and it would look a lot better than this (I would hope).

So please tell Lexus to build this Lexoma truck and then point and laugh at them for being stupid.

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Uriah Nazario
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