Land Rover Range Rover Velar Coupe Unveiled In All Of Its British Glory

Range Rover Velar Coupe Is Coming To The US

Want to see it in the US? Wait for the New York Auto Show in April. It will make its American debut then. As for Europeans, they saw it at the Geneva Motor Show where the fabulous Range Rover Velar took the show by storm. It’s the first coupe SUV from the British SUV specialist and, it seems, they did it right. When we say right we mean better than the BMW X4 or any other Mercedes SUV coupe for that matter.

Sitting between the small but cool Evoque and the high-end Range Rover Sport, the Velar certainly tickles the SUV segment where it hurts the most – in the department of low-mid sized SUVs. And the good looks and image may be the most important deciding factor for the buyers there. Velar has both. It will sell like crazy for sure. Even more so because its looks do throw a bit to coupe-styled SUVs but in a rather peculiar way. Velar definitely isn’t the classic coupe SUV, but one with fine swept back rear windshield, high shoulder line and slow falling back side of the roof. It may be that Range Rover designers did it right when it comes to designing the Coupe SUV.

We have to ask is the Velar Coupe actually the closest brother to the Jaguar F-Pace? It’s logical to assume that considering its size and quite striking looks. After all, they have the same architecture and same engines underneath. But, quite different driving setup. See, the Range Rover is more of a robust thing – an off-roader if you will. In short, the driver will sit higher, look further, and drive through much more treacherous terrains compared to the Jag driver.That is why the aluminum architecture received a few improvements. They improved the wheel travel, the car can ford through more than 25 inches of depth and it features air suspension. It’s standard for the V6 but optional for the models with turbocharged four bangers.

Obviously, Range Rover did not go all the way posh with it. They rigged it with fine all-wheel drive and adaptive dampers dramatically improving its off-road credentials. But, make no mistake – this should be a fine smooth luxurious car as well. After all, look at its cabin – it’s calm and inviting. Sophisticated sure, but gentle as well. Range Rover prepared special First Edition 500 of which will be made. All of them feature quite impressive equipment including leather interior, copper-weave carbon fiber trim, and a 1,600-watt Meridian Signature Sound System. Interestingly, one may order massive 22-inch wheels straight from the factory. It’s that opulent.

While staying far below the most expensive Autobiography Range Rover cars, the Velar will not be expensive. Sure, entry level car starting at 50 grand isn’t anything you’ll dream about, but picking up the options could get you at more than a 90 grand car. Now, that’s the one you’ll want. With 380 hp V6, HSE trim and all of the equipment one can imagine. Lesser versions of the Range Rover Velar Coupe come with two-liter turbocharged petrol or diesel engines developing 247hp and 180hp respectively.

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