Lamborghini Miura Back On The Road After 25 Years

It is almost impossible to find a Lamborghini Miura in a barn. After all, who wouldn’t remember owning this dynamic machine? The rarity of the situation is what makes this car so special. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely for somebody to own a Miura and keep it hidden in their barn. I know I would brag if I owned one of these machines. Behind every successful story, there is a painful story. The 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 needed some clutch and bake repair in the late ’80s.

Unfortunately, the repair coincided with the death of his mother, and so the car ended up in the barn for the next 25 years. During an interview with Petrolicious, the current owner admitted that the initial owner of the Lamborghini was his grandmother’s cousin, who drove, worked, and commuted on it himself.


His family was later caught in a tough predicament deciding on whether they should leave the car in its original form or do a full restoration on it when they pulled the car out of the barn. After thinking through all the possibilities, they came to a decision to finally leave it in its original form.

If anything, the car was already worn out because of being driven and turning it into a museum piece sounded like an absurd suggestion. This Lamborghini owner is one of the few lucky people around for owning one of the most incredible cars ever made, I have to admit it, I feel a bit envious of this guy. Although the car is not perfect, it is full of life and character, not to mention spectacular. Who knows, somewhere out there I might have an uncle owning a Miura too.


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