Lamborghini Issues Worldwide Recall On Aventadors Over Fire Risk

It’s not often that we hear about high end exotics undergoing recalls for any reason at all. Now we’re seeing the recall of Aventador models across Australia because of potential fire hazards. The Lambos in question span a rather large gap with 2012 through 2017s being called in.

ACCC Finds Fire Hazards In Aventadors

Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission managed to find the risk they pointed out in the super cars. The six model years called in means only 104 Australian cars are at risk because of their rarity. That’s just in Australia, though, there are 5900 cars affected worldwide by this recall.

At the moment, this includes all models that are based on the Aventador, such as the Veneno Roadster. This means that 1500 super cars in the US have to head back to their dealerships to be repaired. Owners will receive notifications from the company with directions on what steps need to be taken.

Fire Risk Coming From EVAP System

The EVAP System is designed to capture evaporating fuel and recycle it into the system. Under ideal conditions, it catches these flammable fuel vapors and cycles them into the combustion process. The issue with the Aventador models is a failure tied to overfilling the gas tank.

This causes misuse of the vapors which creates a potential risk for unpredictable fires under the right conditions. Putting the vehicle under unnecessary stress can then set the system ablaze. Examples of these situations include high idle revving and high temp aftermarket exhaust systems.

It’s been clear in recent memory that there were more Aventador fires than we would expect. With all these fires, there are no deaths or injuries reported so we’re glad the recall was called before someone was seriously hurt. After the EVAP system has been repairs, owners can go back to safely driving and admiring their beautiful super cars. We still wonder why it took so long for the now 5 year old 2012s to be called into question though.

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