Lamborghini Huracan Gets An Imaginative Futuristic Digital Retouching

The Huracan is a sharp looking car on its own and to some, retouching would be heresy. Khyzyl Saleem disagrees and gives the super car a combination of abstract, futuristic looks as well as Japanese styling. It took a minute to really set in but after it did, I decided I loved it.

Khyzyl Saleem is no stranger to adding a new twist on iconic vehicles and specifically top performance vehicles. In this case, we’re not sure if the car is just arriving from space or getting ready to jump through time. The super broad and low splitter on the front end isn’t far off from being a flight worthy wing of its own.

The flat black of the wheels replaced by a glowing plasma look gives a hyper futuristic look to the underside. Seeing this in person would be enough to convince us there’s more than just a V10 under the hood. This is the kind of design I expect to see in movies set in far flung future cities where all tech is awesome and speed limits don’t exist.

This fusion between Italian super car and Japanese inspired hit me in the right science fiction type of mood. It hits all the right notes that we’ve come to expect from Khyzyl Saleem’s digital renderings. Feel free to share your thoughts on this render in the comments section below!

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