KTM’s 790 Parallel Twin Prototype In Action! Check Out The Video!

After KTM unveiled their new parallel twin concept at EICMA, we were blown away by how good it looked – now we get to see just how well it performs. If you were on the fence about the new prototype, then this video should firmly push you into the “shut up and take my money” camp. Imagine a cross-breed between KTM’s Duke range and Husqvarna’s iconic Nuda 900R, and this is the result…

At the moment, this is only a concept prototype. Usually, the production version that trickles down to consumers is nothing like the original concept idea, but KTM have been particularly faithful to their concepts recently; take the Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen machines as a prime example (KTM being Husqvarna’s parent company, after all). So it’s more than likely that when this bad boy hits the dealerships sometime in the next few years, that it won’t be too different from what we’ve already seen.

Powered by an all-new 800cc parallel twin motor and boasting some edgy design work, the 790 comes with some cool features. First off, the trellis-style swing arm looks fierce. Secondly, the forged carbon fairings are nothing short of awesome. Next up, we’ve got the signature KTM LED headlight assembly that features on all of KTM’s new Duke models. And lastly, that under tail exhaust is mental – in a good way. On top of the new engine and contemporary aesthetics, the 790 also comes with a ride by wire throttle, selectable and customizable rider modes, multiple levels of traction control, and KTM’s signature “MY RIDE” technology. There’s talk of a quickshifter, but nothing has been confirmed by KTM yet…

But we already knew all of that, and that was enough to win our approval. Now, KTM have released an awesome video through their social media outlets that truly show cases the potential of the new platform. If you were unsure about the parallel twin direction, let this change your mind. The Super Duke R was a serious contender for our favorite bike of the year, but if you favor “light and agile” over out and out power, then this is definitely for you. Prepare your eyes and ears for two and half minutes of motorcycling magic. And then we’re sure you’ll watch it again…and again…and again.

Hands up who’s going to place an order for one of these as soon as they come out? My hand is firmly in the air. How about yours?

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