KTM’s 2016 1290 Super Duke R: Special Edition

Although it’ll only be available for a limited time frame, we’re sure that the latest KTM 1290 Super Duke R, a special edition model, will have plenty of admirers.


It might have plenty of admirers but upon it’s unveiling at EICMA, it seems to have been met with mixed reactions, and a lot of disappointment from the motorcycling press. Motorcycle journos are a difficult bunch to please though, so let’s try a different approach and search for the Super Duke’s redeeming features.


It’s easy to see that there’s not a hell of a lot going on, but the Super Duke R Special Edition does have an updated hardware package, mainly coming in the form of KTM PowerParts built improvements and carbon fiber bits and bobs. The exhaust is an Akrapovic unit and is believed to be lighter than the stock form by 1.5 kilos, the clutch and brake levers are now fully adjustable, the triple clamp is supposedly stiffer and the braking system has been treated with some wavy, petal style discs.


On the surface, the Super Duke R Special Edition is blessed with a ‘Galvano Orange’ paint job that stretches down to include the wheels too. It also comes with anodized aluminum caps for the fluid reservoirs, carbon-Kevlar-ish generator and clutch covers, a two part seat (that seats the rider 2mm higher than the stock version) and lever guards.


Admittedly, there’s not that much that’s “special” about this Special Edition and for the majority of potential KTM buyers out there, they’d probably be better off with the regular 1290R. Having said that, there’s no word on the price, so it might be worth the little bit extra, if only to cover the costs of the aftermarket parts…if the price is right, of course…

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