Kid Age 13 Tests Driving Skills VS Cops

I too get bored with Grand Theft Auto 5 as it has the tendency to get repetitive every once in awhile, so it seems fair to not want to give this kid the chair….yet. The best part is that the kid sister also made a break for it in what can for a moment seem to the cop to be a good ol’ game of dwarf round-up.


The kid should totally be penalized for losing control that easy. He overcorrected and overshot his marks. Total rookie mistake. First kids, be sure to practice evasive maneuvers in a safe environment before to taking to the streets. An Altima, especially the V6 is going to have torque-steer issues and on basic street tires will have a twinge of understeer. So practice, practice, practice.

As for the officer, fortunately the camera cuts out before the kids are seen being tasered and dwarf tossed into the squad car. I can only imagine that the sister was the mastermind in all of this. Sisters are always to blame, always.

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