Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang Now Generates 1,400 HP and Sounds Like This (Video)

Remember Ken Block’s 1965 Ford Mustang from Gymkhana 7? Dubbed Hoonicorn, it was probably the only all-wheel drive Mustang in the world. It developed a hefty 845 horsepower and gave us quite a scare while Block put it through its paces. After filming Gymkhana 8 and Gymkhana 9, Block quickly got bored again. His Hoonigan team decided to do something about that, and the result is Hoonicorn V2. It’s the same tubular chassis with 1965 Mustang frame and 410ci 6.7L Roush Yates Racing V8, but it now develops a whopping 1,400 ponies.


Hoonigan team didn’t have to tamper with the original setup too much. They’ve only added couple of gigantic turbos and replaced premium fuel with methanol. Well, that’ll spit some fire, without a doubt.


Compared to Gymkhana 7 version, Hoonicorn V2 has gotten a new livery, and custom-built engine bay cover. Apart from depicting the US flag, cover has been cut out in order for those two turbos to make it inside the engine bay. Heck, even part of the engine itself sticks out.


Hoonicorn V2 is poised to make an appearance in Block’s next stunt video, but the question is: “Will he be able to contain this beast of a car?” Judging by his words, it’ll be quite a challenge even for someone of his caliber. He had this to say about the car:

“When I say that this is the absolute most frightening thing I’ve ever driven, I’m not exaggerating. AT ALL. The motor revs and spins my Toyo tires to destruction so quickly that I can’t change the gears fast enough. It’s genuinely a mind-numbing, crazy experience to try to drive this thing. It’s amazing.”


Life can be so good when you have tire maker for a sponsor. While we’re waiting to see the new Hoonicorn V2 in action, here’s the little teaser. Ken Block roasting marshmallows on methanol fire cracking out of turbo exhausts. Oh, and I’ve promised the sound of 1,400 methanol and V8 generated horsepower. It’s all in the video below.

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