Kawasaki’s 2017 H2 Carbon: Only 6 Units For The US

If you’re desperate to own the 2017 Kawasaki H2 Carbon, you’d better get yourself ready for the most intense game of faster finger first…because only 6 units will be delivered to the USA. We already knew that the 2017 H2 Carbon would be for an exclusive minority, but we expected a few more than 6 models to make their way to the US… Boasting a new carbon fiber cowl, a special mirror finished paint job, and a very unique serial number, this limited edition is limited to only 120 units worldwide…so if you can’t live without one, pay attention…

According to Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA’s Senior Vice President, Bill Jenkins: “This limited edition Ninja H2 Carbon is going to create a lot of envy among riding enthusiasts. The Ninja H2 made a big splash in the industry when it was introduced, and I believe we will see a lot of activity when ordering begins on February 13.”

We know that ordering and registration service will take place online on Kawasaki’s website on Monday February 13th, and the whole process will start at 9am Pacific Time or 12pm Eastern Time. Orders are placed on a first come, first serve basis, so you’d better glue yourself to your keyboard. If that wasn’t enough pressure, if your order is accepted, you have a mere 48 hours to stump up the cash for a deposit. Interested buyers will need to place a $10,000 deposit at their nearest, authorized Kawasaki dealership to guarantee a sale. That’s on the condition that Kawasaki accept your order in the first place…

And just to make matters more interesting, Kawasaki haven’t even mentioned what the full price will be. If collecting the $10,000 deposit is already a tall order, then you might want to give this sale a miss. If you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it, springs to mind…You’ll probably need a small army of P.As to deal with the logistics of the purchase too.

However, if you’re still sure you need one of these in your life, you’ll be pleased to know that a percentage of the overall cost will be donated to a noble cause. Kawasaki have stated that $20,000 will be donated to the Road 2 Recovery foundation per bike sold. The Road 2 Recovery Foundation is a non-profit organization that takes care of AMA motorsports riders in the event of a career ending injury, giving them financial support and helping them on the road to recovery.

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