That’s Why You Don’t Take A Selfie Midway Through A Race!

Have you ever had that burning desire to take a selfie mid-way through a kart race? Didn’t think so.

There’s a time and a place for a selfie, and whilst you’re cruising around a track you might want to give your concentration to more pressing matters, like this idiot discovered. Granted, this we’re on a motorcycle page, and this isn’t a motorcycle related story, but it’s still relevant. Why? Because it’s always nice to remind each other that idiocy is still alive and well in the four-wheeled world.

Selfie Fail 2

Karting is a hell of a lot of fun. Taking a selfie isn’t. Some genius decided the two would mix together well, like beer and a barbecue. Luckily for this fool, it wasn’t the case – and you can see they get rewarded with a nice dose of whiplash for their troubles. It’s a shame his phone didn’t get totally destroyed though. Watch this moron in action below.

Taking A Selfie Whilst Racing Isn’t Wise

So there you have it. If drivers think it’s acceptable to whip out their phone and take a selfie mid-way through a go-kart race, imagine what they could be capable of on public roads…Oh, wait! They’re capable of breaking both laws and motorcyclist’s bones alike because that selfie or text message was too damn important.

Do be careful out there…

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