Insanity Of The New 600hp BMW M5 Is What The World Needs

Bavarian behemoths are getting another beast to fill up the falangs coming from Germany. This is the M5 Pure Metal Edition and it is so German you will stand in awe looking at it. Welcome, the 20 unit-go of the most dangerous car the Bavarian giant has ever revealed. The power – 600hp, the speed – equal to that of the Lamborghini Diablo VT, the elegance of its perfection – unmeasurable. Notice the wheels? 20 inches of carefully cast aluminum with classic sinister M double spoke design speak the story of concentration, greatness and skill of the badass hero-engineers from Motorsport. They invested their imagination, their breath, and lives to create a device that will transport you in a way no other ever will. The Pure Metal Edition reveals the rebel character of the car that is more like the Terminator than the Terminator himself.


Pure Metal Silver Metallic exterior reveals why this particular M got its name. Yet, under the bonnet is where you get intimidated. The 4.4L V8 with Twin Turbo powers the blockbuster car. With the conservative estimate of 3,9 seconds acceleration time even smaller, lighter and sharper supercars will have a hard time cracking it.


Yes, black would make it look as pissed as if it were the Kerber, but the Silver Metallic keeps it right on the track blitzing past you at 190 mph. That is right – 190 mph. In an enormous four door saloon! If you are as bad as it is, even the 190 mph blockade can be removed. In that case, drive fast and you get to glance a god. Stamp on the M Carbon Ceramic Brakes and the god will fade away. You’ll be safe and sound despite the M5 compressing your brain right there in your skull.


This kind of awesomeness is devoted for the South Africans only. For the rest of us, we will have to settle for the Competition and the M Driver’s packages.

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