Insane 705hp Powerful Audi RS6 Avant by ABT

Following the introduction of a stunning red Abt R8 V10 Plus, the German tuner also released the pictures of its bigger brother. The much bigger brother that is. This is red, angry Audi RS6 Avant – possibly the best wagon you’ll see this month. Apart from that crazy Panamera Sport Turismo of course.

The most impressive thing about this particular RS6 Avant hides underneath the hood. Abt made it a whole lot more powerful compared to the stock unit. Furthermore, it’s a freaking 95hp more powerful compared to the R8 V10 Plus supercar. Based on top of the Audi RS6 Performance (good for 605hp stock), Abt subtly but effectively improved the wagon. Starting With the engine, Germans did trick out the ECU and install new intakes. Also, we suspect, the turbochargers on the four liter V8 had to be tinkered with. No chance they sourced out 100 hp more just with the help of a software remap.

Nevertheless, new body-kit and a number of cool details on the exterior do suggest the changes. As on that red Abt-tuned R8, the RS6 shines in red decorated by black pieces. Not black, actually. Carbon! They are all carbon-fiber pieces. Including the splitter, side details, mirror housings, roof spoiler, and diffuser. Abt played it safe and made everything from the most sought after the material of today.

All in all, with such a powerful Wagon and improved supercar, Abt really prepared a wonderful show at the Geneva Motor Show.

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