How Did He NOT Stop On Time? (Video)

Here’s what happens when you fail to stop your GSX-R in time… It’s a long video, but it covers the accident from a few different camera angles – so it’s worth the time. However, the first question you’re going to be asking yourself is this: “How on earth did he NOT see that the traffic had slowed, and how did he fail to see that massive car in front of him?” It’s a mystery that sort of explains itself…

Apparently, the rider was poppin’ wheelies throughout the ride, and on this occasion, he popped his last one a little too late, and wasn’t able to bring the wheel down, and bring the bike back under control in time. Luckily, the rider walked away unharmed – but we don’t reckon he’ll pulling any more stunts for a while. Like the guy who recorded the video says at the end: “That’s why you don’t do stuff like that.” And we couldn’t agree more.


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