Honda Civic Concept Is The Return Of The Long Forgotten Sporty Civic

Automotive journalists are quite an extraordinary crowd and they don’t always clap their hands when they see something new. Really, there’d better be something really good for them to start clapping and cheering about it. And, at the New York Auto Show, after they saw the all new Honda Civic Concept which represents the all new tenth generation Civic (or Epic Civic as they’ve called it), journalists applauded and that, ladies and gentlemen, really says something. It says that the Honda Civic Concept looks great and we can’t wait to see the car this concept represents hit the streets and showrooms.


World debut of the tenth generation Honda Civic Concept is something not a lot of people expected. The new Type R just came to the market and by revealing this incredibly cool all new Civic Coupe concept Honda clearly showed that it means business with the next gen car in the US.


First and foremost, the styling language used for the Honda Civic Concept isn’t something only Americans will get. This thing represents the styling language Honda will use for the Civics all around the world and a sentence said by Guy Melville Brown, Exterior Design Lead at Civic Concept wonderfully depicts what this new worldwide styling philosophy is all about. “Refined timelessness, a beauty that will not fade with age”, Guy said and we have to conjure and accept that this level of styling enhancement and all new design language could bring the timelessness design Honda had been seeking for such a long time.


The modified platform used for the production of the new Civic certainly gave this car a bit of WOW factor (something which Civic needed so much). This Coupe (and the series produced cars as well) is lower, wider and with longer wheelbase in comparison with the outgoing Civic. That tells us that the Sport has made a glorious come back in the world of Civic and with the announcement that Honda will bring the Coupe,the five door hatchback (huraaay), the Si version and the Type R (thank you very much) to the US, the fans of Honda will have tears in their eyes all day long.


Apart from employing a new styling language, the Honda Civic Concept gives us a glimpse of the drivetrain which will be used for the 2016 Honda Civic. A 1.5 liter turbocharged four cylinder VTEC engine will be connected with a six speed shortened shifter or an all new continuously variable transmission. Either way, spectacular power of the VTEC, now turbocharged, will glorify every Honda Civic in the future as well.


Boldly reaching out to the mass market, Honda with its new Civic certainly looks to redefine the concept of affordable transportation. The Civic Concept coupe is aggressive, hard, sharp and modern. These are the styling qualities we expect from every Honda in the future too.


The new Honda Civic will come to the market at the fall of 2015. It will be the most important Honda novelty from this year and it just might trigger the lunacy once this crazy Japanese compact draw from the customers. The Civic has history and heritage that stretches far back into the twentieth century and with the unveiling of the all new Honda Civic with sharp design and modern age tech, Honda just might get back on the track with it.


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