Homeowner Gets Justice after Car Parks in Front of his Driveway

Really, What Else is There to do When Someone Blocks Your Home?

Revenge on car blocking driveway

If you’ve ever lived in a big city or a college town, you may have experienced the dreadful situation in which some idiot blocks your driveway or parking spot, forcing you to trek it back home or use paid parking.  As you’ll see in the video below, this guy encounters a similar situation, but rather than just taking it like we all generally have to do, he takes matters into his own hands and gets revenge.

In the video footage, the homeowner approaches his driveway at night (probably coming home from a long day at the office) to find that someone had left their car parked rather inconsiderately in front of his driveway.  The homeowner looks around the vehicle and checks to see if it’s unlocked.  After discovering that the car is, in fact locked, he attaches chains to the rear of the vehicle and pulls it 90 degrees towards the center of the road so that he parked car is perpendicular to its original parked spot and blocking the entire right lane of the road.  The homeowner then parks in his driveway as usual.

The sad thing about this video/scenario is that in most cases, the homeowner would be at a complete loss in this type of situation.  Normally, your only option would be to contact the police, wait for them to arrive at the scene, wait for them to get a tow truck to the location, and then wait for the vehicle to be towed.  Not to mention, you would probably have to find a different spot to park while you’re waiting for all of this to happen.

Based on the homeowner’s actions, we’re guessing that this has been a reoccurring issue.  Unfortunately, we were unable to locate additional information about this video footage so we’re not entirely sure what parties were involved, where the incident took place, or if the homeowner or parked car owner suffered any consequences for their actions. What we do know for sure, though, is that justice was served!

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