Home Built Mid Engine Viper ACR-X Looks Home Built

What do you do when you are handed an 8.4L V10 monster from a wrecked race car? You put it to use in whatever contraption your little gearhead can muster up. That is exactly what this (already) Viper owner did as a mid-engine version as it was being fabricated in the man cave.


Before you get haughty with your comments, know that this engine comes from the wrecked #43 ACR-X from Road America and has a tubular frame and a fighter jet doorless cockpit. And to add to this totally hand fabricated chassis and body is that this moĆ’*cker weighs in at just 1980lbs.

Mid Engine Viper MidEngineViper

Although the idea of a mid-engine Viper was actually played with in pre-production we never saw the car outside the factory doors, but this one however ugly you might think it to be is likely a @ss launching powerhouse that will eat cars all day on the track.

mideng-2_zps788e1295 Mideng-1_zps7fc29f0c

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