History of Corvette Prices in 2016 Dollars. When was it the Most Expensive?

Remember those days when you could have gotten your hands on a brand new car for only $2,000 or so. Well, some of you probably do. Although dollar value back then and dollar value today are two entirely different things, differences between car prices 60 years ago and now are still very much real. If you convert the car prices from fifties and sixties to 2016 dollars, you’ll easily figure out modern cars cost much more than they did back then. But, when did all this happen? Was it happening gradually or was there a moment when prices simply went to hell? And, why did we choose Corvette to begin with? Find out about all this and more, below.

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For starters, the Corvette hasn’t changed throughout 60 years of production. Of course, the styling has, but it always attracted the same market segment. What’s more, it was always the same old sports car with unmistakable pedigree. As far as the prices go, they jumped from $2,900 in 1956 to $55,400 in 2016. In 2016 dollars, it looks more like this: from $25,594 to already stated mid fifties figure. Not that imposing difference, but still large enough to make us wonder. In fact, modern Corvettes cost more than double the money first models had. The graphic chart below will explain it more thoroughly.


Corvette prices in current and constant (2016) dollars for every 10 years since 1956

So, when you look at the chart, you’ll figure out that biggest price jump happened between 1976 and 1986. Surprised? That makes the two of us. I thought the biggest Corvette prices difference is going to be between 1996 and 2006. With all the new regulations, expensive safety and tech gear, and more expensive building materials, that thought seemed like a no brainer. So, why did all that happen two decades prior to the assumed period?

Well, the eighties had a lot of new technology of their own. Looking at it from our standpoint, fuel injection, integrated computers, anti-lock brakes, and even digital gauges are nothing special. Back in the day, 30 or 40 years ago, however, these innovations were the difference makers. That’s probably the biggest reason prices soared by almost 100% during that decade. Corvettes of the time had a full digital dashboard, anti-theft system, and ABS among other new features. Corvette prices might have doubled since the fifties, but so has the car itself become more advanced in every aspect imaginable. Are Corvettes worthy of their stickers, though – you be the judge?

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