Hennessey Celebrating 25th Anniversary With Brutally Powerful HPE800 Ford Mustang

Hennessey Performance – one of powerful muscle car’s best friends – are celebrating their 25th anniversary. This can only mean one thing; there’s a special edition of a muscle car just around the corner. Well, not really. It’s already here, and it is insanely powerful. Did I also say it’s a Mustang? Well, this is anything but a regular Mustang. This is HPE800 Ford Mustang which classifies as one of the, if not the fastest modern muscle cars, straightaway. It definitely beats their own HPE750 Camaro.


The HPE800 is fitted with the same 5.0L V8 found in stock GT Mustang. However, Hennessey tuners have crammed a large 2.9L supercharger in the engine bay as well. So, instead of making 435 horses, HPE800 generates  stunning 815 horses and 648 lb-ft of torque. Supercharger wasn’t the only thing they have stuffed in under the hood, however. Hennessey’s new Mustang has received upgraded fuel injection, new fuel pump, recalibrated ECU, and high flow air induction kit made out of carbon fiber, among other things. All that gives this unique Mustang capability to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3.1 seconds. For comparison, stock GT does the same in 4.5 seconds at best. Furthermore, you’ll be able to hit the top speed of 207.9 mph whereas stock models are electronically limited to “only” 155 mph.


That’s what’s going on under the hood, but what about the visible exterior features? Needless to say, Hennessey’s new pet has plenty of custom , mostly carbon fiber parts. There’s the lower suspension, for instance, but there are also the new front splitter, rear lip spoiler, and abundance of 25th anniversary graphics and badges. Finally, HPE800 floats on Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (265’s up front and 295’s around the back), which are wrapped around Hennessey H10 lightweight 20-inch wheels. A keen eye will also notice Brembo 15-inch rotors stuck behind the wheels.


This model clearly features Pirelli tires, although Hennessey specifications mention Michelins

If you think Hennessey Ford Mustang HPE800 has a hefty price tag, then you’re spot on. It will be available for $99,500, but its limited edition status might pose much larger obstacle while trying to obtain one. Only 25 copies will be produced, so it’s about time you called Hennessey if you’re thinking of getting one. Here are a few more pictures of this immaculate beast for you to enjoy.

01-hennessey-25th-anniv-mustang 03-hennessey-25th-anniv-mustang 09-hennessey-25th-anniv-mustang

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