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 We’ve heard about a new trend that’s been hitting the streets of the United States, and it’s called Trike Drifting. Essentially, a person would build themselves a three wheeled bike, for the sole purpose of performing long slides on open roads. We were able to get in contact with a guy named Anthony, who’s in charge at Central Valley Trike Drifters, and this is what he had to say.


So Anthony, my name is Lawrence and just to let you know I’m an easy going kinda guy, and I like to find good ways to get me point across, and then simply explain it to the people who read my work. Now, I’d like to open up with some easy starter questions, and then move on from there.

Q1. So, who is Anthony Thomas, and how did he make his connection to Central Valley Trike Drifters?

I created Central Valley Trike Drifters just over a year ago. I’m aAnthony Thomas US Air Force Veteran and a married father of 3 boys. Soon to be 4 (hope its a girl). I’m also a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and Institute of Technology both for Culinary Arts Specialties. Hunter Wheeler is the other man running the show as he is the younger and more hip and single of the group.

Q2. Where do you stand as far as the company is concerned? What I mean is, are you like the CEO, or Co-CEO, or just the HMIC?

Well, we aren’t a company. We don’t make or sell anything. There are services provided to other riders but besides that, no business. I just consider us a fan page or club at the most. Me, I’m the creator. Hunter, the moderator and a builder. My cousin Jason is my main builder.

Q3. Are you a big drifting fan, or does your heart lie with a different form of racing?

Auto drifting is fun to watch but I love NASCAR. I grew up watching Dale Earnhardt. I also had my hands in demolition derby cars for years with my family and friends. Its fun seeing cars wreck for fun.

Q4. Now I’m not sure if you’ve heard this already, but what is a Drift Trike? Also have there ever been any conflicts with your trikes looking like adult sized Big Wheels? You know copyright infringement and all?

I always tell people its just a grown up big wheel. Nothing more. I usually show them a few videos on YouTube that helps get the point across and they are usually amused and interested after that. I am always letting people ride mine. I’m not worried about copyright infringement because I’m not selling anything.


Q5. OK, we’re doing really good now, so let’s keep the ball Drift Trikerolling. What makes your company’s Trikes different from another company’s? I’ve seen another company called Modernline Drift Trikes, and they seem to have a good thing going as well. Do you consider anyone else doing this to be competition or a friend from a different area?

I’m familiar with Modernline. They are great people with a laid back vibe. We don’t build trikes to sell so we are not competing with anybody. I support other companies on my page like Trike Daddy and Random Savage. I usually look for Veteran owned companies honestly. The big difference you do see in my trike is the motocross seat I use but that is just an honest byproduct of what we had around when we built the trike.

Q6. As far as your trikes are concerned, do you have any differences in models or styles of trikes that you offer the general public? Also can you name a few people who may have inspired those styles?

As stated above, just the motocross seat. but thanks to knowing drfit trike central valleysome people in the MX industry, I scored the seat. The frame is just a BMX/Green Machine mash-up.

Q7. This question will be geared towards the future of the company. Where do see, or expect Central Valley Trikes to be in the five to ten years? Is there a long term or short term goal that you can share with us?

Its a hobby and like most hobbies, its based on money. So if I become rich maybe Ill start building and selling or selling others’ models. I do believe there is a chance you may see Trike Drifting in the X Games soon. or at least on a special on TV. The guys from the TV show, Jackass and Travis Pastrana have Drift trikes so its a matter of time.

This is has been a great Q & A session Anthony, and we’ll be wrapping this up very shortly. OK, so you’ve broken down where you’ve come from, where you are, and where you’d like to go, and now I have this question for you.

Q8. If there is/was anything that you have come across during your upward journey with Central Valley Trikes that you particularly didn’t like, would you change any part of it? Or are there no regrets?

No regrets, no worries. Wish I could afford a pro build trike to enter a Pro event. But that’s about it. Just keep looking forward. maybe get some stickers going. Everyone likes stickers.

OK, so at this point I think that we’ve covered everything that would tell the rest of the world what they need to know about Drift Trikes that hail from Central Valley. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and I can’t wait to get this piece to to the world.

Once again, I Thank You for your time, and patience on this subject.

Thank You Lawrence for your time and interest in our sport.


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