Grand Tour Team Promote Their New Show By Wrecking Branded Priuses

No matter your feelings on the Toyota Prius, there is no way you hate it as much as Grand Tour does. You may recognize the team; Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond as well as James May from Top Gear. They’re getting ready to launch their new show on November 18th by wrecking their most hated car, the Prius. the-grand-tour-toyota-prius-2

People at first were worried about what they were seeing at these installations. Then the logo for the new show gave it away and pulled in all sorts of attention. It’s marketing genius for a show that focuses on great performance vehicles. 3

Pictures have popped up all over social media by people who came across the smashed city cars. In their own posts online, the Grand Tour team’s hilarious caption read, “the only real acceptable use for a Prius.”2

We all know that the guys from Top Gear have never been fans of hybrids because of what they’ve said in the past. Now they’re turning words into actions as they promote their new US based show, Grand Tour. The shows begins airing as an Amazon exclusive on November 18th and if this is a hint at the content, we already love it!1

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