Google’s Ten Most Searched Automotive Brands of 2016

What Auto Manufacturers Were Googled Most In 2016?

Every year when Google releases their trends, there are interesting results to be seen. Some of them are funny or ridiculous while others are interesting and can make you think. Seeing the top ten searched automotive brands reveals some interesting trends.

10 – Rolls Royce

For a set of US search terms, we’re definitely curious how a luxury brand from the UK made the top ten. In the last year we saw the Dawn as well as its stunning upgrade suite getting attention. The Phantom also made an impact with a near half million US dollar price tag.

9 – Maserati

This brand isn’t nearly so much of a surprise because interest in super cars is always high world wide. One of their crowning achievements of the year was the Quattroporte sedan. Meanwhile, they also spent quite a bit of time teasing their 2017 lineup throughout 2016.

8 – Bentley

Most of what we heard from this company in 2016 was about their new Continental GT and its bespoke redesign. It also managed to get an aftermarket upgrade suite that makes the British V8 more appealing. The 2016 Bentayga also made a splash with its somewhat different take on the company’s signature design cues with an SUV .

7 – Jaguar

Two names dominated the Jaguar news of 2016, the F Type S Coupe and the XF Sedan. Both of these bring sharp design and favorable reviews to the table. They also revealed new tech in vehicle to vehicle communication as well as roadside infrastructure.

6 – Ford

In 2016, Ford was all over the map from aluminum trucks to production slowdowns to meet demand in different markets. The company also claimed a victory at Le Mans and made news by fact checking Trump’s comments about the auto industry. There were also several instances of news on new releases, production plant moves, and updated models throughout the year.

5 – Volvo

Volvo made strides in several directions with new model reveals as well as different trim levels for all. They dabbled in hybrids and doubling up turbochargers on top of superchargers. The S60 Inscription also came to the US market from Geely, Volvo’s parent company based in China.

4 – Lamborghini

A major point that brought this Italian auto maker to the limelight in 2016 was a set of Aventador SV spy shots. There were also updates to the Huracan Spyder and the Aventador LP. The Centenario also came with a limited run of 20 coupe models and 20 roadsters. All of these were spoken for before the official debut of the car, making it an instant collectible.

3 – Tesla

Here’s one of the things we were very shocked about, that Tesla didn’t make it to number one. It felt like every time we turned around in 2016 there was news coming out of the company. From new battery tech to the Model S tearing up drag strips and rare but overreported incidents with fires and autopilot fails.

2 – Mercedez-Benz

This is a company that seemed to be spreading itself out a little more to cover more competition ground. The GLK was replaced by the GLC as a new model in the crossover market to challenge Audi’s Q5 and BMW’s X3. The GLE came in as a four door coupe and the G-Class got a retouch inside and out. Another replacement happened when the C400 met its successor, the C450 AMG.

1 – Honda

Last but not least, we have Honda who managed to make news several times for various reasons. Safety recalls as well as follow up safety probes were a black mark on the company in 2016. On the upside, they crossed the 100 million mark for four wheel production. Not to mention that the CR-V, Accord, and Civic are all setting sales records for the company.

While there are definitely more items that fall into each category, we can’t go on forever. An example of more that would have become repetitive was the first ever SUV class vehicles from Maserati, Bentley, and Jaguar. With all of these and more, we’re excited to see what 2017 holds for the industry. We’re hoping for more great innovations and world records being smashed while the bad fades away.


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