Goodyear’s Vision of Future

Before we begin: “No – it’s not a Deathstar!” It’s the new concept tire which might drastically change the way cars are being driven and produced. Goodyear Eagle-360 spherical tire represents the possible future of rubber tires and by looking at it (and its perks), one can only say: “It’s futuristic indeed.”

goodyear eagle 360

Presented at 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear Eagle-360 represents one of the most peculiar auto-related concepts in recent years. This spherical rubber is designed for fully autonomous cars that should be available as early as the end of current decade according to some sources. Of course, Eagle-360 is a project which is aimed well beyond that time frame, so it probably won’t become a standard for much longer than that.

goodyear eagle 360 levitation

But, what does this design offer? For starters – maneuverability. Thanks to it, future cars will be able to move in any given way without changing their driving direction. That’s why the tire is called Eagle-360 after all. This will come in handy in all situations where lateral movement is required. This means that you can wave parallel parking goodbye as cars will be able to slide into an empty parking spot with ease from now on – or rather from then on. You can also wave axles goodbye as Goodyear’s new concept makes them redundant. Eagle-360 will be fused with the car by magnetic levitation. It’s a concept most similar to maglev trains. Needless to say, this will drastically improve the ride quality as suspension too becomes obsolete. Instead, car will basically float above the tires. That, however, isn’t everything. Sheer size of these tires will allow for a larger contact patch, hence improving the grip, while tech goodies installed into the tire itself should radically improve safety. In-tire sensors will be capable of registering road conditions and adapting the ride accordingly.

These are only the first experimental ideas, and as time progresses, Goodyear will certainly find a number of ways to improve the concept. After all, by the time it becomes production-ready, technology will be on entirely new level. That is to say – who knows what the future brings? Maybe we’ll skip the spherical rubber tires like Goodyear Eagle-360 altogether and go straight to levitating cars. Only time will tell.

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