‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ Fan Recreates The ‘Eleanor’ Mustang GT500 With Lego Bricks

A “Gone in 60 seconds” fan has recreated the 1967 Mustang GT 500 known as “Eleanor” from the blockbuster action movie. The fan, who goes by the nickname “Pix027” said on LegoIdeas that it took him a couple of weeks and 900 Lego pieces to complete the work. The Lego GT-500 is equipped with fully functional opening doors, adjustable seats, hood, and trunk. On top of that, it has a copy of Angelina Jolie’s infamous V8 engine from the aforementioned hit movie.

Pix027 said that he was looking into making the Lego car even better and is open to tips and suggestions. At this time, the Lego GT-500 still needs 8,000 more supporters for Lego to consider putting it on the market, and with slightly north of 200 days left, the GT-500 might achieve its target.

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