Give The 2018 Mustang GT’s Active Valve Exhaust A Listen (Video)

Mustangs have always been on the loud side for the exhaust, with even the smallest base engines having a roar. The 2018 GT looks to change that with its new Active Valve Exhaust giving drivers control. It allows drivers to control the volume to roll into a quiet neighborhood or have a conversation.

Adjust the V8’s Roar

The video doesn’t show the car being revved to outrageous levels but gives a good idea of the system working. All of the right exhaust notes are there at an idle and the difference in high to low settings is noticeable. On the other end of it, those who want to make their presence known can turn it right up for a more throaty sound.

What we need to see next to sell this feature is a test lap of Mustangs tearing around a track at different settings. Maybe a pack of GTs lined up and hitting different levels all together like a concert. A test mule driver may even accidentally let themselves be recorded while trying it on the highway.

While this feature is an interesting one, Ford still has yet to release performance numbers. The torque and horsepower outputs of the 2018 Mustang GT’s V8 is still a mystery. We do know, however, that its port fuel injection and direct injection help fuel economy while making more power.

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