Genesis is its Own Brand Now, and the G90 is its Flagship Car

Hyundai has been turning a lot of heads with its newest creations over the last couple of years. The Genesis coupe changed the whole attitude of the brand, but that was just the beginning.

Genesis G90

Next came the Genesis sedan, and then the Equus flagship luxury sedan. Well, it seems the image upgrade has gone a whole bunch of steps forward with the creation of a brand new brand name for the American market: Genesis. With this change comes an unprecedented level of sophistication and refinement.

Genesis G90

The engines available will include a twin-turbo V6 and a 5.0 liter V8 engine that is sure to deliver a real kick. But the really impressive aspects of this car don’t lie in the power numbers. The total level of engineering is the impressive part. Each and every component was thought about and was designed by someone who cares.


The interior has a luxurious set of seats, with the ones in back providing more than enough leg room. The materials that comprise the interior also seem to exude the attitude of a much more decadent brand. But this isn’t some heavy whale with a leather sofa inside. The advanced all-wheel drive system paired with the electronically controlled steering and suspension keeps everything planted on the pavement.


It’s big, fast, and still pretty safe. The standard airbags and seat belts are augmented by features like brake assist and accident avoidance features all mixed in with the the electronics, the same ones that provide creature comforts like music or heated seats. So this car is a monument to what Hyundai is prepared to do to prove to people that they mean business. I don’t know bout you, but I am really starting to believe them.


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