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Here at Gearheads we like to shine the spotlight on custom fabricators and true GearHeads alike. Today we got to talk with Jeff from Wilson Motorsports out of Boardman Ohio. Here is what he had to say to us and you all.

parts 043

GH – Tell us a little about you and how you came to build these custom creations.

Jeff – I have been building custom high-performance cars for 25+ years. Most of the cars being street outlaw type cars, most with large blowers or multi stage NOS motors and large (500+) cubic inch motors with a lot of attention to detail and quality paint. and with all  work completed in house, Generally I pay attention to areas of the car that go unseen, like the undercarriage as well as use all polished tin work try to make the motors look large in the cars. This is done by channeling the body over the frame but i try to keep the “look of the car” by not adding sheet metal wings or changing the wheel openings. Any changes made, you have to look for them. You know something is different but you cant quite see it.

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GH – What history do you have with being a GearHead and how you got into racing?

Jeff –  I started racing at a local track when i was in high school. I was hooked in our home town, we would street race every weekend and back then the cars were not that fast (but we all thought they were untouchable ). As the cars got faster, we stayed on the track as the police were wise to our cars as we had some of the first big tire street cars in our town. My car was a red 23′ t-bucket, there was a 34′ truck and a 69′ Chevelle. The police always knew we were  doing burnouts but never caught us, still racing at the track we all decided  to attend the Woodward Dream Cruise and once there we discovered big power. We were hooked and took the cars back the following year to meet up with some pretty fast cars.

vette 185 vette 161

GH –  What has been some of the most rewarding/difficult projects that you recall working on?

Jeff – One of the harder builds was a red 63′ Corvette as we changed the wheel base of the body, lowered the roof by 1″, laid the back window down and raised the rear quarter panels up for the 34.5 tires to keep the low ride height. It took many hours of block sanding to get the body straight and ready for paint

parts 065

parts 038

GH – What has been the fastest car you have built to date?

Jeff – The fastest car had a 572 blower motor on alki, we run the orange Vette to a 7.60 quarter mile pass. That car had a big blower motor on 3 stages of NOS. I remember burning the pistons and head gaskets on that pass!

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hor rods 795

GH – For the Gearheads that want to get into racing and car building, what would be some advice to give to these individuals?

Jeff – The best advice is to build the car to please yourself, never accept good enough. Work as hard as you can on your project, true builders and painters will never belittle your work. They will appreciate what you have done. Always ask questions, watch and learn from others. Only people that can’t do the work will pick yours apart.

truck 151

liberty 259

GH – What future projects do you have in the works or would like to see in your shop?

Jeff – Our current project is a 1956 Belair convertable which I have owned for years but not used. We are currently adding a funny car cage, new front-end, doors, deck lid and bumpers and all in fiberglass. We are adding a large cubic inch motor with a 1471 blower with 2 stages of NOS, all polished tin work with a custom paint job.

GH – We would like to thank Jeff for dedicating his time to talk with us. It’s easy to see that some very fast and custom rides come out of his shop.



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