Full-Size Ford Trucks Gain Start/Stop Technology in 2017

Ford Motor Company recently announced that they will be incorporating start/stop technology on their full-size truck lineup in 2017. This feature will come standard on all trucks that are equipped with an EcoBoost engine. This will include all pickups that have the 2.7 and 3.5-liter EcoBoost motor. The new feature will be across the board including all special editions such as the Raptor. This system will be different from the standard start/stop as we know it now.


The start/stop feature will be tailored to trucks and not affect towing and four-wheel drive functions. It will only activate during normal driving scenarios and be disabled when towing or using the 4WD mode. This would be a major concern for truck owners because when you are in the middle of snow or mud it’s not an ideal time for your engine to shut down.

Ford said that the fuel savings will still be based on the operator’s driving habits. Another goal that the company is attempting to achieve is to lower the amount of CO2 gases that are exhausted. Killing the engine when the vehicle is stopped greatly improves the overall emissions level.

EcoBoost engines are becoming a very popular power plant option and the demand is expected to grow. Ford anticipates that over 60% of their full-size trucks coming off the assembly line in the near future will have start/stop technology.




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