Free Riding Courses For Pennsylvania Residents!

Pennsylvania’s Department Of Transport are offering free riding courses for novices and experienced riders alike. With the weather taking a turn for the better, and the riding season already well underway, Pennsylvania’s PennDOT are urging riders to take advantage of their free training sessions to help motivate more people to get on two wheels, and to keep the skills of experienced riders sharp.

The free riding courses are already available, and all you’ve got to do is get in contact with the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP) or visit the PennDOT website for more information. Even if you think you’d never be brave enough to ride a motorcycle, or if you think you know it all already, it’s well worth taking advantage of the free training.

Free Riding Courses For Novices And Experienced Riders!

Newbies can sign up and take part in PAMSP’s five day long, 15 hour long licensing course called the Basic Rider Course (or BRC for short). This particular program allows novice riders to get to grips with the basics of operating a motorcycle in a safe and fun way. The course features 5 hours of theory and explanation, as well as 10 hours of hands-on practical riding experience. If you’re interested, then maybe this will swing it for you too: PennDOT provide you with a motorcycle and helmet to train with, free of charge. All you need to do is show up and bring whatever else you think you need.

The BRC course is essential if you want to get a motorcycle license, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of the free course. Even if you’ve already got your motorcycle license, it’s always a good idea to go back and refresh your knowledge of the basics every once in a while.

However, if you think that you’re a bit above the basics, you can bring your own motorcycle along and take part in the BRC2, a more advanced course that lasts one-day (only six hours) and you can bring your knowledge up to date in a safe and easy way.

If you want to enjoy some advanced learning, you can sign up for the Advanced Rider Course – a one day session that takes a lot of influence from a military motorcycle training course. This advanced training is also one of PennDOT’s free riding courses, and it features three and half hours of theory and classroom study, followed by an intense four and half hour long practical ride that focuses on improving rider’s road attitudes and hazard awareness. It’s free, so we urge and Pennsylvania residents to get involved and take advantage of it.

Here’s what PennDOT’s Secretary, Leslie S. Richards had to say about it all: “Keeping skills sharp and reinforcing the importance of safety through Pennsylvania’s free motorcycle safety classes help both novice and experienced riders enjoy a safe and enjoyable riding season. Riders can practice and refine their techniques while honing the split-second decision making required to safely operate a motorcycle.”

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