France’s Hero Motorcyclist Receives Nation’s Highest Honor

The hero motorcyclist who risked his life to stop the deadly charge of a truck during the terror attack on Nice last year has been awarded France’s highest honor for his bravery. If you cast your mind back to the events that unfolded on Bastille Day (July 14th) 2016, you’ll remember the terrible scenes reported from France, where a Tunisian extremist named Lahouaiej Bouhel, aged 31, drove a truck through the crowds that had gathered to watch the evening fireworks.

Most of the attack was caught on camera, and one video captured the efforts of a brave motorcyclist who tried to stop the attack. Franck Terrier was filmed riding him motorcycle alongside the rampaging truck, before leaping towards the cab of the nineteen ton vehicle, trying to force the attack to a stop. Mr. Terrier was able to punch the attacker, but failed to bring the truck to a stop. “I was ready to die,” Mr. Terrier told France’s Nice Matin newspaper. “I remember the bodies flying everywhere… My wife pulled my arm and asked me where I was going. I stopped. I said, stay back! And I accelerated.”

While the exchange between Mr.Terrier and the attacker was taking place, a second hero appeared. Alexandre Nigues, chased the truck on his bicycle and managed to open the driver’s door. Despite having a gun pointed at his head, Mr. Nigues still tried to persuade the attacker to stop.

The attack was eventually brought to an end by the efforts of armed police, who managed to shoot the attacker dead. All in all, 86 innocents lost their lives, and a further 400 were left injured. The so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, although they provided no evidence that Lahouaiej Bouhel was directly associated with them.

Both of the brave civilians, Mr. Franck Terrier and Mr. Alexandre Nigues, have been awarded the Legion d’Honneur: France’s highest honor. The two police who shot the attacker both received the top honor too.

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