Ford Will Kick Off SEMA With EIGHT Different Mustangs

Ford prepared eight hot and customized Mustang cars for the SEMA because, why not!? Eight! First we had seven F-150 trucks, three Edges, four Explorers and now eight Mustangs. A special Focus RS and possibly the GT will also be there. So many cars from Ford! Why!? Because they can, that is why. Asking why is like asking why Kanye West has a McLaren Mercedes SLR! Because he can, and of course Ford will bring a gazillion of customized cars. They have the money and they don’t fear to spend a bunch of it.

The Mustangs they are going to reveal are the following ones – Bisimoto Mustang EcoBoost, Motoroso Mustang GT, TS Designs Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible, Mad Industries Mustang GT Convertible, Ice Nine Mustang EcoBoost, Dragg Mustang EcoBoost Cop Car, Bojix Design Mustang EcoBoost and CGS Ford Mustang Convertible.

Obviously, we cannot go into details about every one of them, but continue reading and you will learn the most important features these customized Mustangs bring.


We will start off with the one we like the most – the Dragg Mustang EcoBoost Cop Car. A cop car!? Yes, a cop car, squad car, or whatever you want to call it. As you can see, it employs a bunch of hardware seen on Police cars these days. It definitely looks nice. We would not be upset if it pulled us over. Now, the exterior is as nice as it gets, but that under the bonnet is what won us over. The Dragg cop-car features a 2.3L EcoBoost engine with a few mods on it. It features Vortech intercooler, AIRAID intake, Borla exhaust, and an ECU tune. Although we do not know how much power it churns out, but it is obviously more than the stock 310hp. We have presented the cop car first because it is really cool.  


Now, the really good stuff. Actually, the best stuff. Bisimoto Engineering did something yet unheard of and created a Mustang EcoBoost with so much power, we thought it had a V8 muscle inside. It is a sinister looking machine (just the type the cop Mustang would chase) with everything painted in black except for some details. To make the vehicle dominate the streets in all its blackness, Bisimoto did a few amazing things. They have gone mad with the engine. So mad in fact that the power kit installed called BisiBoost triples the power. Although the engine remained a mere 2.3L four banger, almost its every part was replaced with an aftermarket unit. If we sum up all we know, it would look something like this. The modifications include a remapped ECU, new boost controller, all internal components replaced with stronger parts, custom exhaust, Turbonetics turbo with a “Godzilla” blow-off valve, various braking, suspension, and styling tweaks and much more. Due to all of this, the power went up all the way to 900hp. Sick.


Although this is the most extreme customized Mustang, others also have quite a story to tell. The one done by Motoroso is based on the Mustang GT. The five-litre V8 comes as stock, but the mods including a Roush supercharger and a Gibson exhaust increased the power from a dash over 400hp to 727hp. More than the Hellcat. That is what counts.


The fourth in the series is the one customized by TS Designs. Based on a convertible, the TS Designs Mustang received a few interesting elements making it even more aggressive. All we can see are new wheels, a bit deeper bumpers, exceptional widebody kit and a few impressive tech upgrades such as 22-inch Forgiato wheels, an intercooler, a cat-back exhaust and a Steeda Stage 3 handling kit.


Mad Industries also took on the work on the Convertible, but instead of dealing with the EcoBoost they went with the Mustang GT Convertible. Obviously, with blue interior, blue wheels and blue details on a black body, this is the pimpmobile of the lot. Ensuring that this is not only show without the go, Mad Industries included some nice tweaks of the engine. Actually, more than nice as the end result is a 750hp machine.


The third convertible was customized by CGS. This one is way more humble when talking about its appearance compared to all other. The first striking feature are red stripes going all the way from the front to the back and quite nice 19-inch wheels. Under all this candy metalwork, CGS did make some serious modifications. A supercharger, a CGS cat-back exhaust, a CGS cold-air intake, a KW coil-over suspension, Steeda sway bars, and Brembo brakes are all new. Honestly, we do not have a clue how all this affected the power, but the phrase “a lot” is probably correct.


Next in line is the Ice Nine Mustang EcoBoost. Awesome white color with black accents (at the same place as the decorations on the Shelby GT350) and epic blue wheels create the impression of a super dope Shelby. Of course, flared fenders show that this is only a tuning pack. As for the inside, the Ice Nine Ecoboost received Air Lift suspension, a new turbocharger and a few other things which gave it the power of 475hp.


Finally, the last ‘Stang to hit the SEMA show is the  Bojix Design Mustang EcoBoost. As you can see, the EcoBoost will dominate the scene and the one with 900hp will the most powerful one on the show. The Bojix Design creation can be considered the most ostentatious one. Yet, it does not seem like Bojix boys overkilled it in the design department. Where they did is in the suspension department. Basically, everything was changed with the novelties such as Cortex coilovers and sway bars, Ford Performance bushings, rear differential bearings, and 3.73:1 rear end, Eibach springs, and Brembo brakes.

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