The Kitty Hawk: A “Flying Motorcycle” You Can Purchase By The End Of 2017!

This crazy flying motorcycle is set to be on sale in less than 6 months time…

Someday, the flying motorcycle is going to be a real thing. In the meantime, we can watch these sketchy drone-like contraptions do their scary-lookin’ thing – which will be available to buy by the end of this year! Now that sounds unnecessarily negative, but it’s not meant to be. The technology is still very much in it’s infancy, and while all this testing is happening, you can’t help but think it’s all a bit unstable. Having said that, the “Kitty Hawk” is probably the most advanced looking flying motorcycle that we’ve seen so far.

Kitty Hawk 1

Backed by Google co-founder, Larry Page, the Kitty Hawk is definitely a little further ahead than its nearest competition in the solo-flyer segment. This crazy prototype can manage to support a sustained flight, at speed, and without a tether and it looks like it’s pretty easy to control too. It’s not quite a helicopter, but it’s certainly no motorcycle either…it’s a bit strange, but it might pave the way for something more refined in the near future.

The Kitty Hawk Flying Motorcycle: Get Your Orders In!

At the moment, the 220 pound, eight rotor “octo-copter” is only in the prototype stage. However, the company has announced that they plan to have these rolling off the production line and available to purchase by the end of the year. And what’s the cost? Well, Kitty Hawk are being a little tight-lipped about that, but it doesn’t take a genius to guess that it’s probably quite expensive. If you want in on the action, you can put down a hundred bucks to get your name on the waiting list, which allows you a $2000 discount off of the full purchase price when the time comes.

Kitty Hawk 2

Do you need a pilot’s license to fly one? No. Do you need a great big body of water to fly it over? Well, it doesn’t say in the small print, but we guess it’s advisable. Kitty Hawk only mention that it’s best to fly in “uncongested areas” – so zipping to work on a Monday morning on one of these is probably out of the question.

And how does one of these Flyer’s feel like to ride? According to Kitty Hawk test pilot Cimeron Morrisey: “It’s amazing,” she said. “It really did kind of feel like my flying dream.” And while the Kitty Hawk Flyer looks a lot smoother to ride than a lot of other flying motorcycle things out there, comparing it to a dream-like situation might be a bit of a stretch for the average dreamer. Although, if you’re on the Kitty Hawk payroll, you probably have say what the PR man tells you.

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