Florida: The Deadliest State To Ride In The USA?

Is Florida the deadliest state to ride in the USA? According to a report from Action News Jax (Jacksonville), it’s true. Although Floridians enjoy a much longer riding season than most of the country, it’s fair to say that the riding season has begun properly for most riders across the USA. Naturally, as a new season begins, a new set of numbers, stats, facts and figures have been released to keep us all on our toes.

Thanks to the report from Action News Jax, it’s been revealed that Florida is the deadliest state to ride in the USA. That’s probably not a startling statistic, since Florida has a high volume of motorcyclists, and longer periods of nice weather to enjoy the road. However, the report also broke down the individual counties and explained exactly where in Florida is the most hazardous for bikers.

In 2015, over 600 riders died on Florida’s roads. Between then and now, the USA has seen a dramatic increase of motorcycle road deaths, an increase to the tune of 30%. In Florida, the deadliest county to ride in is Miami-Dade, which saw a total of 67 deaths last year. The second deadliest county was listed as Hillsborough, which added 48 deaths to the overall total.

What Makes Florida The Deadliest State To Ride In The USA?

Well, apart from the two reasons listed above – the overall volume of bikes on the road and the longer riding season in general – it seems like the death statistics run hand in hand with the state’s helmet laws. Now, we’re well aware that the helmet topic is a controversial one…but come on now, helmets do work and it might be time to put the argument to bed once and for all.

In Florida, motorcyclists are allowed to ride without a proper motorcycle helmet providing that the rider is aged over 21 years old, and has a minimum of $10,000’s worth of medical insurance. They’re not great rules. A head isn’t any tougher or more road resistant at 21 than it was at 20, and if you bang your head on the road, $10,000 won’t go very far in covering medical expenses.

It’s also funny that motorcyclists have been offered a degree of flexibility over their safety equipment, whereas car drivers are imposed with fines for violating rules such as not wearing a seat belt. A motorcycle is definitely more dangerous to ride than a four wheeled vehicle, so you’d think that there would be tougher rules on wearing safety equipment…but apparently not.

Interestingly, according to local news sources, over 80% of Floridian riders claim to wear a helmet while they ride, but statistically less than half of riders actually do.

So there you have it: Florida, the deadliest state to ride in the USA. Take care out there, and stay safe!

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