Ferrari F40-R Rendered Beats the F40 LM as Ferrari’s Most Hard-core

Ferrari undeniably offers some of the most powerful cars on the market. However, you can never own a Ferrari for too long before it becomes outdated by another model in Ferrari’s line and that’s no surprise considering how they’re consistently improving.

In fact, Ferrari have outdone themselves once again with the release for the F40-R Rendered, beating Ferrari’s previous F40 LM model as their most powerful available. For owners of the F40 LM, it’s going to be difficult news to swallow that their precious vehicle is now less powerful than Ferrari’s latest model. That being said, your car becoming outdated pretty quickly is now a given with the rate at which Ferrari adds more power.

Ferrari F40-R Rendered Beats the F40 LM as Ferrari’s Most Hard-core

This new model is quite clearly a vehicle designed with performance in mind. In fact, there’s even word that Ferrari could bring it to the front of their racing line-up, with official circuit racing plans set to be unveiled in the new feature. However, the company will need to act fast if they don’t want to risk their competitors catching up with them and offering the same level of performance that Ferrari have been able to with the F40-4 Rendered.

Such is the popularity of this model that a British artist has created a pretty artistic render of the vehicle, suggesting that it’s gaining a strong fan following. However, will that fan following move to the next model when Ferrari inevitably succeed the vehicle?

This is definitely one powerful beat of a vehicle and Ferrari are only able to achieve that because of how consistently they update their top performer. That being said, the fact that Ferrari has released the F40-R is likely to disappoint owners of the F40 LM, unless they’re planning on upgrading, that is.

[Featured Image Credit: Khyzyl Saleem and Ash Thorp]

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