Ferrari F40 Burns to the Ground While en Route to Pick up Brand New LaFerrari Aperta

Owner gets a new Ferrari, but loses his old one

As if Ferrari F40 wasn’t rare enough with little above 1,300 examples being made during the course of five years, some of them have disappeared in flames during these past few months. This one burned down some time ago in the UK, during its first voyage after restoration. And now, supercar heaven got richer for another one that’s burned down on a road in Italy.

Ironically, burned F40 owner was en route to Maranello, to pick up one of 209 brand new LaFerrari Aperta convertibles. Bizarre twist of faith, however, robbed him of his old Ferrari. Jon Hunt, British billionaire and founder of Foxtons Estate Agents is widely known as collector of classic Ferraris. He is also known as a man whose classic supercars often catch fire and go up in flames. A few years back, his Lamborghini Miura did the same thing in London.

Although cause of fire hasn’t been disclosed, Hunt’s Ferrari F40 was believed to have been the sixth prototype presented at the 1987 Frankfurt Auto Show. VIN plate ZFFGJ34B000074047 clearly suggest that. Total of seven prototypes (this one included) were then transformed to GT spec cars by Italian engineering firm Michelotto. Before Hunt bought it at RM Sotheby’s Monaco auction in 2012, it still sported its racing livery. It was repainted back to red, only after that.

This Ferrari F40 fire incident doesn’t have to mean the end of supercar’s days. Given Hunt’s special relationship with the automaker, Italians might decide to rebuild the car for him. However, only original part remaining on it would be the VIN plate. The rest has pretty much been reduced to ash, anyway.

Photos from the accident courtesy of

1987 Ferrari F40 with racing livery, as sold by Rm Sotheby’s

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