Fenris Motorcycles: A New Player In The Electric Superbike Game

Boasting a top speed of over 186 mph, and a 0 – 62 mph time of under three seconds, the Danish company has certainly impressed us, but is the world ready for another electric superbike? In our opinion, the answer is “yes,” but so far, we’ve had a hard time persuading the public… Anyway, this is the story of Fenris Motorcycles, a Copenhagen-based motorcycle firm with ambitious plans to shake up the electric category.

Shake up might not be the right choice of word, actually. Other electric bike manufacturers have given us more than enough innovation over the past few years, and the segment is always going through a “shake up” of one kind or another, but according to Fenris boss Jesper Vind, they’ve got their sights firmly fixed on Energica, and they plan to steal their electric superbike crown… “The two [main] US manufacturers started their development at a time when the technology was at an early stage, and so we only have one real competitor in the Italy’s Energica.”

And that’s great for the category, because Energica have remained unchallenged. Healthy competition breeds results, and that’s exactly what the electric motorcycle industry needs. Fenris have already boasted their impressive top speeds and acceleration figures, but they’re also innovating in other areas too. For a start, the Danish company’s electric motor weighs a mere 11 kg, which is roughly a quarter of the weight of their competitor’s alternatives.

With such a lightweight motor, the Fenris prototype weighs only 180 kg in total; couple that with a power figure to the tune of 150 kw (roughly 200 hp) and you’ve got the makings of quite an impressive motorcycle. However, there has been no word on the important detail that turns many “potential converts” off: battery life and range.

Having more bikes on the market to choose from is great, and yes, having eyebrow raising performance figures is always fun…but it seems like a lot of designers and manufacturers are getting too caught up top speeds and power figures, when we desperately want to see significant improvements in battery life and range. The vast majority of potential new electric bike owners aren’t going to be pushing the boundaries of performance – they’re going to want a bike that can survive for longer than a 100 mile trip. Surely functionality should be the number one goal? Performance can follow. That’s our opinion anyway.

Fenris Motorcycles haven’t mentioned their range abilities yet, but we expect to hear more from them in the near future. The Danish firm plans to release a run of 500 units for 2019, and we’re excited to see how they go. Engineer some significant range gains, and they’ll be on to a winner.

Range and battery life, or high performance figures? If you had an R&D department at your disposal, what would you look into first? Let us know!

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