The Female Rider On “Drugs” Video That’s Getting The Internet Worked Up!

On drugs or not, it’s still reckless riding!

This video has been causing quite the stir on social media – we’ve got a woman going for a ride down a busy stretch of highway supposedly on drugs, pulling some pretty crazy maneuvers and making some even stranger gestures. Is she just a reckless rider out having a good ride and enjoying herself, or is she drugged up to the eyeballs, putting herself and everyone else around her in danger? It doesn’t really matter what conclusion you draw, because no matter how you view the footage, it makes for uncomfortable watching.

On Drugs? Or Just Having A Good Time?

Drug Rider 2

We’re not drug experts, but according to the internet (obviously, the home of facts) this woman is on meth and riding like a crazy person. However, also according to the internet (obviously, the home of alternative facts too) she’s just a girl out for a ride, listening to some music and throwing caution to the wind. And it was all caught on camera by a very safe driver who decided to get his phone out whilst operating his vehicle…which is of course, a very wise and safe thing to do. He also loves the word “bitch” a bit too much.

Drug Rider 1

Still, it is an odd interaction. If you’re on the “she’s on drugs” side of the fence, then perhaps the driver should’ve kept his distance, pulled over, and called the authorities who could’ve tried to put an end to the situation safely. That’s probably what a sensible citizen should have done. Or, if you’re on the “she’s just having a good time” team, maybe she should’ve considered wearing some safety gear if she wants to ride that recklessly in future, and maybe she should keep the erratic maneuvers to a minimum – and at least keep her feet on the brakes and gear shifter, you know, just in case. Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

Also, yeah, we know it’s not a Harley-Davidson in the video – and even if we didn’t, the YouTube comments section would’ve set us straight. Take a look through those comments though…it makes for hilarious reading.

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