Feel Like Running From The Police? Karma’s A Bitch! (Video)

If you feel like running from the police, make sure that karma is on your side…

When has running from the law ever paid off? This rider had to find out the hard way. After being caught behaving badly by the police, all this rider had to do was pull over and hope that the cop was in a good mood. We’ve seen plenty of videos of cops being lenient and turning a blind eye to the odd wheelie or two, providing that the rider promises to keep it on two in future… But this motorcyclist decided to be an idiot, flip the bird at the cops, and charge of down the road.

The police gave as good a chase as they could, but on busy roads and in the interest of keeping the public safe, they couldn’t really close the gap. In fact, this rider pretty much got away, and if he had any common sense, he’d have just pulled over and laid low for a while. But common sense didn’t prevail here. It seems our rider was out for a thrill or two, and he certainly got one…eventually.

Instant Karma: Criminal Motorcyclist Versus A Minivan!

After tearing down a small road, splitting through the traffic as he went – and crossing that double yellow line too – he didn’t quite anticipate the minivan making a turn. And that’s what we call “karma.” Now, we don’t ever want to wish pain on anyone and we still don’t, but come on man, you could’ve just taken it easy and calmed down…then this never would’ve happened. But as many of you will agree: “play stupid games, win stupid prizes…” It’s a long video, but it’s still worth a watch.

Also, you should definitely head over to YouTube to read the comments… There’s some comedy gold in there, and the usual people spouting defense for the rider, and a whole crowd dispensing their own brand of advice.

Hopefully the rider has learned his lesson. And if he hasn’t, he’s put the whole thing on YouTube, so it shouldn’t take too long for the police to track him down… Instant karma, eh? A beautiful thing.

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