Faraday Future FF 91: The Possible 2018 Tesla Fighter?

Last year at the amazing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a Silicon Valley startup with Chinese funding made a splash with a wild, all electric supercar concept. That car was the FFZERO1 and the company was Faraday Future. At the time, they spouted out insane specifications and promised to bring a production concept in 2017. While many critics dismissed the promises and the company as a whole, Faraday Future smashed some of those critics with the reveal of the FF 91.

Immediately focused on stomping the competition and the doubts of many, the FF 91 seems to do everything a step or two above Tesla. While Tesla marks a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds, the FF 91 does it in 2.39. Tesla says the Model S P100D has EPA estimated range of 315 miles per charge while the FF 91 sits at 378 miles per charge. It also touts having the world’s highest energy density battery with 10 kWh. Speaking of charging, it has the fastest charge speed available achieving 50% to full charge through the at home charger in under 4.5 hours at 240 volts. Then there is autonomy, the FF 91 features the first retractable 3D Lidar along with 10 HD cameras, 13 long and short range radars, and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Also keep in mind the modular architecture which will allow Faraday Future to create a full lineup of vehicles.

Let’s start back at the basics though with the overall design. In general the vehicle is very futuristic looking. It was specifically designed to reduce drag and increase range. Aside from the striking design, it’s immediately noticed there are no traditional side mirrors. This is because they have been replaced with cameras and work in tandem with the rear camera to provide a single seamless image in the rearview mirror. This supposedly will help it almost completely eliminate blind spots.

Additionally, one might also notice the lack of door handles. Apparently door handles aren’t needed when the b-pillar cameras recognize the driver’s face, automatically open the door and change seat position and other settings based on their preference. Because…that’s not just a little creepy at all…right? When the suicide style doors do open (which none of their pictures or videos show) they are motorized and prevented from opening into the vehicle or object next to you thanks to even more sensors.

So let’s get back to the tech side of the FF 91, because that’s this car’s specialty. In fact there is so much technology I am not sure where to even start. How about that creepy face recognition thing I mentioned earlier? Well that follows users to the inside as well because it will even recognize facial expression to determine moods then quickly matching the ambience to the mood with changes in music, temperature, scent, massage, etc. Above the occupants’ heads, the large panoramic roof features smart dimming glass. The rear windows feature the same thing and are made of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal which will act with the touch of a find to give shade and privacy.

I guess I neglected to mention the owner of an FF 91 will never have to worry about parking again. That is because the car will automatically go and find an open parking spot. It can then be called back after your movie/dinner/spa treatment so you can be on your way. Though this is actually only for use on private roads and parking places as Faraday Future states “as legislation advances to allow for public use of this technology, the FF 91 will be able to park itself anywhere users go.” Speaking of that parking feature, it apparently worked really well with an outside demonstration but failed to produce results on the stage inside until someone hopped in and messed with the settings.

Overall, I am excited about the FF 91. I think it is about time Tesla had some real competition. This should only enhance the market and bring electric vehicle prices down. That being said, Faraday Future has a long way to go before production starts. While they state the car will begin production in 2018 and they are currently taking $5000 refundable reservations, their production factory isn’t even finished yet. In fact, building was halted due to financial issues. Honestly, I want Faraday Future to do well and I am eager to see what happens with them. Despite the setbacks I think they can and will press on into production. Let’s just hope all these specs and impressive presentations lead to an equally impressive production vehicle.

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