Fantastic Looking 2017 Audi R8 by ABT

Awesome. That is the only word to be used here. This thing looks awesome. The brainchild of Abt tuners and designer, the latest body kit transforms the R8 from a sleek, angry coupe, to a machine that looks like it’s gonna wrench the heart out of anyone who gets in the way. We need that in cars. We need them angry and bad with the character of a rebellious jerk. And this is it.

Every bit of the body-kit has been thoroughly redesigned compared to what one may get from Audi. Front bumper received much more prominent side intakes, low front splitter, and black grille. Sides kept that black surface behind the doors, but Abt smartly garnished it with sharp side skirts and black winglets on them.

Continuing in the same breath, the Germans gifted the rear end with a massive diffuser, enormous rear vents and flared edges. Even the exhaust tips gained some cool framing. Wheels? Black, of course. Measuring 20 inches. These GR forged units transfer all the might to the ground. In this case, the V10 Plus gives out a bit more than 610 hp. See, Abt fitted new air intakes and a new stainless steel exhaust system smartly making 20hp more. 630hp on tap here then. No word about performance, but we do know that Abt offers new coil over suspension springs and sports stabilizers on front and rear axle.

Keeping in touch with the racing pedigree, the Abt did, in fact, shed some weight off the R8. They, apparently took off a whopping 110 lbs, perhaps by installing some carbon-fiber hardware.

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