Extremely Rare McLaren P1 GTR Could Be Yours For “Only” $4 Million

Putting the word “only” between the quotes is usually sarcastic, but that doesn’t have to be the case in this instance. After all, some of these race horses called McLaren P1 GTR warrant much higher stickers than that. And they won’t be making any more of them which means prices will only grow. There were only 45 of them produced and, as you can imagine, they were all reserved in advance. This is the reason they’re extremely hard to come by. Here we have not one, but two P1 GTRs, and they’re both currently listed in the Netherlands.


They’re both listed on various online vehicle marketplaces, but German Mobile should be sufficient for us as it lists both of these supercars. First one goes for the price of €3.3 million net which comes seriously close to the €4 million with 21% VAT included. Converted to US dollar, that’s $4,347,000 (late October, 2016 rates). Second McLaren P1 GTR is slightly more affordable as it costs €3.8 million gross which translates to $4,137,000.


So, what’s the deal with these supercars? Well, for starters, they were intended as track-only cars when they were introduced over a year ago. These two have been converted into street-legal cars by Lanzante Motorsport and that’s reflected in their final price tag. That and the fact that they’re hellishly powerful. McLaren P1 GTR can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 2.4 seconds and the top speed it reaches reads 225 mph. Give credit where credit is due, and these figures are mostly attainable thanks to McLaren’s masterpiece of the engine. 3.8L twin-turbo flat-plane V8 kicks out a whopping 987 horsepower, but that’s not all. Don’t forget that McLaren P1 GTR is not your average track-prepped supercar. It’s an electric supercar with 300 miles of range.


Let’s get back to the listings now, shall we? First P1 GTR or more expensive one if you will, comes in pitch black color scheme and shares no details about itself whatsoever. We don’t know its mileage, possible modifications done to it and first registration info. Nothing. All we know is what we see, and we really like what we see there. It looks to be in great shape which means it probably wasn’t driven all that much, if at all. Then again, pretty much every supercar has low odometer numbers. This one is listed by the Wongs Trading Company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Second supercar is a little bit less stingy with details. It’s the model number 9 out of 45, it’s first been registered in the UK, in July 2016, and it has passed only 152 miles. It has a great Cerulean Blue Metallic paint job with carbon fiber livery, and red and orange details. If you’re interested, you’ll find it in Elsloo, Netherlands.


So, there you go. A fine opportunity for buying top of the line hypercar while it’s still “cheap”. Yeah, right. Potential new owner might find it difficult to get it road-legal in the US, though, but I wouldn’t worry about it that much. Those with pockets deep enough to get their hands on one of these beauties should find the way.


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