Extremely Tough Light Armoured All-Terrain Mercedes

This extreme Mercedes light armoured all-terrain vehicle is a prime example of their production lineup that is often forgotten. Mercedes has been manufacturing special purpose vehicles for decades that a lot of folks are not aware of. In the European market you will see everything from garbage trucks to earth moving equipment baring the Benz Brand. Most people just look at their success in the luxury car arena and don’t realize their success in the special purpose vehicle world.


This prototype is based on the same platform as the G-500 4X4 and incorporates a four seat functional military style interior that doesn’t come close to resembling a luxury car. The rugged exterior of the prototype is not armoured as you can see in this illustration. The production model will be the actual thing with armoured plating. The heavy-duty suspension is designed to handle the excessive weight and accommodate rough terrain. The bumpers are also very heavy-duty and are equipped with huge tow hooks. Sturdy side steps have been fabricated to protect the side panels and facilitate entering and exiting. The snorkel exhaust suggest that the LAPV can also navigate across creeks and streams if required. The massive all-terrain tires that are mounted on indestructible wheels can be aired up through an optional central tire inflation system.


The power plant in this beast is a 3.0-liter V-6 diesel that generates approximately 181 horsepower. The drive train is also equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission and transfer case for the 4WD configuration. This combination accommodates a top end speed of approximately 87 miles per hour.

It won’t win any races; but it will transport military, law enforcement, or border patrol personal anywhere they need to go. Rough terrain and harsh conditions are no problem for this unique vehicle. Come snow or high water it should get the job done.









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