Extravagant 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed Gets A Power Bump And A Lot Of Tacky Colors

This is the fastest Bentley ever. It seems that every year we get one and usually associated with it is the name GT Speed. In releasing the newest version of the Continental GT – the 2016 Bentley Continental GT, the Crew based manufacturer did some adjustments to make this car even more amazing than it was before. Not only that they improved GT Speed, but also released interesting Black Edition. As ever, the GT Speed is the most extreme representation of everything Bentley stands for – luxury, speed, and utmost quality. This coupe has it all.


Next to “classic” 2017 GT Speed, Bentley revealed a special version called the Black Edition. However, let us start with the engine. As ever, the GT Speed is powered by a massive six-liter W12 engine with twin-turbocharger technology. This thing was capable of producing 626hp. Now, with some tricks to boost control and intake, the engine was cranked up by 7 hp and 15-pound feet of torque. While it does not seem like much, this power-up apparently made quite a difference. Thanks to it, the large and heavy Coupe can accelerate to 62 mph in 3,9 seconds. Entering the 3-second club, the Bentley Continental GT Speed knocked at the doors of Supercars. That is one hell of an achievement. The top speed remained at rather healthy 207mph. Do you really need more to brag around?


The Continental GT Speed truly is a magnificent piece of luxury on wheels, but the Black Edition is the version that differentiates it a bit from the elegant but somewhat sterile predecessors. This thing ended up like someone gave a Bentley and a bucket of yellow paint to a teen and told him – make it better. It is obviously for younger people – some really rich ones. Available as a Coupe and a Convertible, the Continental GT Speed Black Edition received high-gloss black detailing on the outside and on the inside. It also has some rather tacky yellow details gracing it all over. It does not look bad, but we found it a bit unusual to see this colorful Bentley. Had Paris Hilton bought one like this back in her time, we would not be forced to look at that ghastly pink Bentley she had.


Contrast coloring for the Black Edition is on the front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts and on the review mirror cover caps. Moreover, the Carbon inserts can be found on the inside where usually wood is present. But this is a sporty Bentley, so it can do with less wood. And yes, bespoke Mulliner versions can be ordered too, but in that case expect that what you called expensive to become insane.


The 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed and its Black Edition are available for order right now. Apparently, the deliveries will start in the summer and if you are interested to find out whether the convertible is as fast as the coupe we will say it kinda is. It is not in the three-second club, but 4 seconds to 62 mph in a heavy convertible is far from slow. It’ll hit 206 mph topless.

2016-bentley-continental-gt-speed-black-edition-05 2016-bentley-continental-gt-speed-black-edition-06

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