Ewan McGregor’s Motorcycle Goes To Auction: $22k – $26k Estimate!

Ewan McGregor is selling one of his prized possessions at the Bonham’s auction in Las Vegas at the end of the month (January 26th 2017). Named “The Machine” it’s a custom built motorcycle build around a Harley Davidson Panhead-style Pandemonium engine. Built by the Indian Larry Motorcycles back in 2010, it may not have had the master Larry Desmedt’s hands on it, but it still is a very wild piece that would be an excellent addition to any rider’s collection.

We did a breakdown of our favorite bikes on the roster for the Las Vegas auction, and this wasn’t one of them. Why? Well, in comparison to a lot of cool stuff out there, this one didn’t really make the cut for the “everyman” kind of rider. Also, unless your wife’s name is “Eve” then you’re going to have to attend to that little detail on the saddle with a sharp knife and a sewing machine. And given the quality of that upholstery, it would be sacrilegious to tamper with it.

The custom bike from the world’s second favorite Obi Wan Kenobi is expected to sell somewhere between $22,000 and $26,000. By the way, we’re not hating on Ewan here, because let’s be honest, Long Way Round and Long Way Down were incredible programs, oh and there’s a new Trainspotting movie coming out too, which should be on your watch list.

Take a look at the rest of the pictures below, or check back to our most recent coverage of the Bonham’s Las Vegas auction for links to the full catalog and details.

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