Ever Seen A Blind Man Ride A Motorcycle In Traffic?

This blind Chinese man has been filmed riding his motorbike on the busy streets of Jiangxi Province, with his wife on the back! Local authorities have identified the man, known as “Rao”, and have claimed that he rides his bike to “save money on bus fare”. Using his wife as a guide, he’s able to navigate his way through the traffic but often wears sunglasses to cover his eyes, not wanting his condition to panic other road users. The local police have apparently offered to pay Rao’s bus fare in future, to stop him from riding in future… While we certainly don’t condone riding blind, we can’t help but think “that’s pretty awesome” – providing he hasn’t caused any accidents. In fact, in the footage below, he seems to be more confident on two wheels than on two feet, and rides remarkably well.

Which begs the question: “How can this blind man have more road awareness than a lot of other car drivers we’ve seen recently?” He probably appreciates the dangers of driving without looking where you going, unlike a lot of car drivers out there. I’d rather see this guy on the highway, rather than some dopey driver with their eyes glued to their iPhone screen…

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