Epic Motorcycle Police Chase From In Brazil!

It’s a miracle that no one was seriously injured during in all of this! Luckily, the thief that was being chased suffered a few bruises, so some degree of justice was done! As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this awesome police chase took place in downtown São Paulo, and we can see a rather brave motorcycle cop going hell for leather in hot pursuit of an alleged bike thief…We’re saying “alleged” because we’ve got no proof that he was the thief, but judging by the way he was riding, and the amount of effort he put in trying to evade the law, the evidence kind of speaks for itself…


That’s the problems with bike thieves: it’s hard to effectively give chase to them. Why? Firstly, because nine times out of ten, there’s never a cop around at the time of the incident. Police presence tends to turn most potential thieves off… Secondly, to undertake a chase of this kind of fury takes a quick moral judgement: can you effectively apprehend the criminal without putting members of the public in danger? Is the risk worth the reward? Those kind of questions are tough ones to answer at the spur of the moment. Lastly, it’s just not fair on the cop. When they’ve got to pursue a criminal with absolutely no scruples, the odds are immediately stacked against them. They can’t break the law without justification, they can’t put people in danger, and most of them care about the bike they’re riding. The thief doesn’t care, he’s just hoping to get away, and nothing else matters.


This cop, however, did have a few tricks of his own up his sleeve. He followed the thief with an admirable tenacity, putting himself on the line at every turn. But where the thief seemed opportunistic and almost erratic, the cop was calm and performed his duty with an admirable perfection… Take a look at him in action below. This video is a bit noisy, so if you prefer your eardrums intact, turn your volume down a bit!

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