Electric car Tesla X: a sports car, a minivan and a crossover

Tesla is one of the pioneers of the electric car manufacturing. It is precisely this way how the California based company has built the world’s first relatively massive electric roadster, after which followed the recent sedan Model S. The third model is on the order, this time a crossover. Today was presented a prototype of the serial car called Model X.

The idea of Model X is in the following: to offer more interior space than that of a minivan, more style than that of a SUV, and more dynamic than that of a sports car.
The car is built on the same platform with the sedan Model S, and even has 60% of the common elements of the design. According to the developers, the all-wheel drive SUV can accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h in just 4.4 seconds! And due to the lack of an internal combustion engine Model X has two trunks. So even if you use the seven – seat cabin configuration, the space for luggage will still be enough. But the most interesting detail of the design – the foldable in the middle of the rear doors of the “gull wing”. With this construction, they are convenient to use even in tight parking lots.
On the other technical data information are still few: the battery will have a capacity to choose 40, 60 or 85 kWh, and the price in the U.S. will range from 57 to 90 thousand dollars, depending on the chosen configuration. The orders are taken now, and the first cars will be received by the customers next year. Later, a sports version of the Model X will be represented by the Telsa Company, and even a completely new model of an electric car.

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