Eight Strangest Cars Of The SEMA 2015


Valyrian Steel


The name Valyrian Steel is a reference to that steel thing from the Game of Thrones. Now, the car is not exactly a replica or any sort or a direct reference to anything, but it is an incredible craftsmanship achievement put together in an almost unprecedented way.


What we have here is a steel monster with the Ford Coyote five liter engine developing more than 400hp. Of course, the engine is sourced from the Ford Mustang GT. Here, it powers the rear wheels of the car inspired by “differentials, planetary gears, and mechanical watch tourbillons.”


This definitely is a celebration of engineering and utmost attention to details. It is a vehicle you will  fall in love with.

Stanceworks Rusty Slammington BMW Redux


OK, it looks good and it feels kind of nice, but who in the world would actually drive this!? Stanceworks took the BMW E28 5 series and made some kind of an awkward race machine out of it. Called the Rusty Slammington, this 5 series looks like a rat-rod with all the rust, awesome “chezzy” decorations that look almost perfect.


The Rusty Slammington is slammed to the ground just like it needs to be. The Beemer has that Batmobile feel to it additionally accentuated by the impressive updated six cylinder engine which can give out much more power than any engine from the Beemer of this year ever could. We like it!

Craftsman 1913 Ford Speedster Twin-T


Do you know what is the Race of Gentlemen’s!? It is a race event held at the New Jersey shoreline where only pre 1934 cars can enter the competition. A lot of Model Ts and many other similar car are among the attendees with this Ford Speedster Twin-T being one of the best representatives of the whole culture.


Created by Craftsman, this small vehicle does not have many parts on it, but it has two Model T engines and it definitely resembles the Ford 999 racing car. The driver sits in an open cockpit and it is quite possible that he could sustain some serious injuries if anything goes awry. Interestingly enough the power provided for the back wheels is no more than 80hp. Two old Model T engines working in tandem provide all the power ever needed for this small, light yet, quite scary machine.

Mishimoto Tank (no, really, a TANK)


Well, this is awkward! This is a tank. Yes, a real Tank you could see fighting its way and shelling the hell out of someone else – if this is one of the ways you spend your afternoon. Why would anyone bring a tank at the Las Vegas Convention Center is beyond us, but since it is there, we better take a good look at it.


A producer of cooling systems is not really the first one you’d think about if we told you that someone has got a tank on his stand, but here you are. A producer of cooling products has a freaking tank! Strange world we live in today.

Badger Airbrush Company Smart Fortwo


This is a smart which had grown freaking horns. Yes, horns. The horns are not here only by chance and the paintjob on the car actually suggests that they grew out of a head of some Minotaur like creature. As insane as this may look like, the horns on the Smart ForTwo are somewhat cool. C’mon, the tiny Smart deserves to be more freakish than all other cars. It needs this, if nothing for mating rituals.

Surf Seeker Shorty Volkswagen Bus


Is this strange enough or what!!? This small Volkswagen Bus clearly is a thing of utmost dedication and craftsmanship done by the SKJ Customs and Ron Berry. Although it looks like it had its body somehow transferred from the Volkswagen Bus, it is apparently all custom made. That means the guys at the workshop did everything in their power to create it from inside out. It looks cool though. Like it is ready to appear in some strange animation movie or something.


As it turns out, this VW Bus is powered by a two liter four banger which can deliver some power to the wheels. We can see it driving around in Japan and it looks more cool than the strange buses they use there.

Toyota Sienna Fast Minivan


This thing is not strange, yet it is not “normal” either. Some guys took a stock Toyota Sienna V6 and did all they could to improve its performance without actually upping the power of its engine. First of, 700lbs weight savings were made through the removal of everything unessential from the cabin. Next, the wheels and the tires along with the suspension system received an update. That was good enough to make the Toyota Sienna faster than the Camaro V6 at the Streets of Willow Springs.

Next up was the installation of the LSD, additional tuning, new exhaust and a few other bits which radically improved performance. In the end, this awesome machine succeeded to lap the Willow Springs in 1 minute and 27 seconds, which is a whole second faster than the Camaro SS (yes, the Camaro SS). Insane.

Ford Econoline with four engines

Ok, is this the best Econoline ever in the world? With four engines, apparently more than 4000hp and awesome paint job, this machine can be insanely capable of hitting some serious drag times. It seems that four 4.6L Ford engines, all with superchargers and hemispherical heads get this thing going hard and fast, probably with the sound you have never ever thought possible. This thing is actually a reworked 1962 Ford Econoline and now it is probably called “Equadoline”.


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