Edo Competition Tuned Audi R8 V10 Looks Like a Lambo Centenario Replica

Edo Competition is somewhat inconsistent, comparatively speaking. There are of course the great years when they made awesome Ferraris, then they were quiet for some time. That’s why we believe that the Audi R8, which they gave the appearance of a two million euros Lambo, falls in the inactive period category.


Edo seems to have chosen a color scheme similar to the theme of the Tron movie that was quite a hit a few years ago. The angular body of the R8 is mostly black, except for the neon lines around the panels.


The Lamborghini, on the other hand, uses the same theme in their Centenario supercar which was appropriately launched to mark Mister Ferruccio’s, the company founder’s, 100th anniversary. The Lambo’s entire bodywork is made of carbon fiber, while the R8 uses regular paint. However, the results draw more attention to the car than it did for the Lamborghini.


As is quite evident in the pictures below, the R8 tuning project by Edo is more of a personalization attempt than serious tuning. As of now there are no engine mods, but the attention they gave to the detail is quite evident. For instance, brake calipers feature yellow paint similar to the body, while the factory made carbon fiber rear wing has a subtle strip at the back. The best part, in our opinion, is the diffuser.


The tuner seems to have the award-winning interior of the car intact. However, to make it match the body, there is a yellow quilting around the seats.


We may not be too wrong to compare the R8 to the Centenario. The two cars really look alike. For starters, both have the appearance of poisonous lizards, rather than the beautiful women they were supposed to emulate. It is also well known that the Lamborghini is owned by Audi. They are both all-wheel drive vehicles, although the Lamborghini is more powerful.             




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