Ducati’s Second Recall Of The Week!

Apparently, it’s not a good week to be a Ducati owner. This time around, it’s Ducati XDiavel S owners who should be worried. If you remember a few days back, it was the 2014 1119 Superleggera, but this time we’ve got Ducati’s flagship, belt-driven 1262cc XDiavel cruiser with an issue. On the plus side, Ducati are fixing the problem for free. And the problem is? Here’s a quote from Ducati:

“Due to an error in the size of the slots on rear wheel rim hub, it is possible that the rear wheel rim might have been installed in the wrong way, with the 4 rear wheel shaft driving pins inserted in the slots rather than in the 4 relevant holes. Should this be the case, the rider might experience a noisy rear wheel and under extreme situations a loss of traction of the vehicle during use.”


It’s not ideal, but the solution is pretty straightforward. Take it back to your dealership, and they’ll fit it with some new inserts to keep the whole thing running properly; and if your rims have been fitted wrongly, they’ll be replaced free of charge. And since the rear wheel is such an awesome part of the XDiavel S’s design, you don’t want to ruin them. This recall is specifically targeted at Diavels manufactured between November 25th 2015 and May 18th 2016. The recall is expected to begin on the 18th of July…The recall number is SRV-RCL-16-001. Give Ducati a call if you’ve got any problems, or aren’t sure if your bike has been affected. The number is (800) 231-6696.


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